How Many Foreigners Dream of a Wife from Ukraine?

Every year, about 10 thousand Ukrainians connect their lives with citizens of another country. According to national statistics, almost every tenth marriage concluded in Kyiv is with a foreigner. Most often, women choose husbands from Europe and Asia. However, there is still a question, why Ukrainian women are so popular among foreigners.

1.  Natural beauty

There are many legends of Ukrainian beauty among the foreigners: potential grooms say that the number of good-looking brides in Ukraine is increasingly big. This is probably true due to many reasons including the following:

  •  Ukrainian girls are more tended to follow a healthy lifestyle and keep fit.
  •  In most cases, they are good-looking and dressed up fashionably.
  •  They are less tended to change their appearance with plastic surgery.
  •  Ukrainian girls are focused on men’s requirements and try to meet them.
  •  They are very nice in live communication.

“In Denmark, marriages fail in 50% of cases. Local women don’t pay attention to their husbands – they reject them, they always are unhappy with everything, and they don’t take care of themselves at all. Therefore, many men dream of Eastern European women: in Europe, there is an opinion that they are beautiful, funny, and gentle, as well as family-focused” – says Kenneth, the Ukrainian bride seeker.

2.  Traditional Values

According to Ukrainian women are more family-oriented than Europeans. The research shows that in Ukraine, the values of the traditional family have been preserved over centuries: the man is the head of the family, the woman is assigned the role of the mother, and she takes care of the house and family on her own.

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