How to Look on Your First Date with a Foreign Man

Preparing for a date could make you nervous, especially if you are prone to wardrobe worries. What image are you going to project? How should you look to make him like you more? 

When dealing with people from other countries, you need to choose items that create a favorable impression universally. If you live in a warm climate and are used to dressing informally, with super-short skirts and crop tops, this may not go well on a date with a potential husband. 

1. Think about the target image.

When Slavic girls date foreigners, they usually hope for a serious long-term relationship ending in marriage. Thus, be sure to dress accordingly. Do not make him think you are a one-night stand.

Every girl wants to look and feel sexy, but being scantily clad is never an option. You need to look elegant and classy but not too formal. A knee-length sheath dress does the trick without taking any of your sexiness away! 

2. It has to be comfortable.

You need to exude confidence, but wearing an ill-fitting outfit is likely to inhibit you. After all, dating a foreigner is based on your foreign language skills, so you will need to concentrate on your words. If you never wear bodycon dresses and high heels, your feet are guaranteed to ache, and the physical pain will inhibit your communication skills. 

3. Fool-proof set.

The combination of your choice could blend your own sense of style with modern trends. The outfit does not have to be brand new. However, if you cannot find anything suitable in your wardrobe, do a bit of shopping.  

These three questions can facilitate sifting through your existing collection. 

  • Which garments make you feel good in front of the mirror?
  • In which outfits do you get the most compliments?
  • If you were going away for a few days, which would you throw into your suitcase first?

Afternoon Dates

Encounters during the day have their own benefits. First, you may go for something a bit more casual but still impressive in daylight. After the meal, you are likely to take a stroll around the city, so a pair of comfy shoes with a smart coat or jacket, depending on the season, are best. 

Generally, a blouse, a pair of jeans, and a trench is a classic combo that you cannot go wrong with. Your makeup should be natural, jewelry subtle, and shoes suitable for impromptu walks (e.g., loafers).

Night Dates

Focus on a balance between practicality and sexuality. Whatever you end up choosing, it should be well-fitted, accentuating your best physical features but not exposing too much. The outfit should also communicate your fashion sense. You could opt for a classic black dress, with beautiful but comfy flats or heels and elegant jewelry. 

In terms of makeup, you should accentuate either your lips or your eyes – do not go to extremes, making your look too flamboyant. Also, never try anything you have never tried before. 

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