How to Recognize a Male Gold Digger

How to Recognize a Male Gold Digger

When women fall in love, they become reckless. The endorphin rush causes us to idealize our partner, and overlook even glaring red flags. But gold diggers can be male too. Some men date women for their money and may continue living off their wealth for years. Being a sugar mama is hardly a flattering status. Here is how a lady may recognize her man’s parasitic tendencies before things get really serious. 

1. You have the resources.  

Some women are targeted as sugar mamas quite often. These are not just businesswomen or successful lawyers – divorcees or widows fit the mold too. If you have the wealth, you will likely be perceived as a potential man’s provider. 

2. He pays for things… at first.

When your love has only started blossoming, an experienced gold digger will conceal his true intentions and pay for meals and other things like a gentleman should. At the initial stages, their goal is to conquer you and bring down your psychological defenses.

What’s worse, they will probably be financing your first dates with money borrowed from banks, rather than any hard-earned cash of their own. Once you are hooked, the generosity ends, often abruptly. 

3. His preferences are pricey.

Does he only suggest going to luxury restaurants or exotic travel locations? A man who is determined to dig into your wallet will often invite you to go shopping or visiting expensive events together. He may have surprised you with extravagant gifts once, but now it is your turn to pay.

4. His financial problems are never his fault.

When a gold digger’s monetary issues are revealed, he will blame them on all kinds of external factors, from unfair employers to devious exes. It is crucial to know if he is in debt, as it is a big red flag. Of course, cash shortages do happen to most of us, but when a man cannot acknowledge responsibility for his financial mismanagement, beware.

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