What Ukrainian Girls Hope to Find in Marriage with Foreigners

It is no secret that young women living in Ukraine and the former USSR are open to international marriage and welcome every opportunity to tie the knot with a foreigner. There are numerous dating sites and marriage agencies the only purpose of which is to arrange such unions. But what are the reasons for such fascination with foreigners? 

There are many unfavorable stereotypes associated with Slavic brides. Naturally, their beauty is stunning and may be used as a tool. Are they merely running away due to the pitiful state of their country’s economy? Or are they gold diggers intending to empty their boyfriends’ and spouses’ wallets? 

In reality, the motives are very different, and often sincere. After all, emigration is not an easy thing, both formally and psychologically. Women who leave their native country often have compelling reasons for doing so.

1. Soviet Psychology

These women are often indoctrinated and conservative in their mindsets. They cannot live without a man to care about, and life without a family and children is unimaginable. The men in their homeland, however, rarely fit the criteria for a reliable husband. 

Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus still share the same cultural idiosyncrasy – a woman without a family cannot be happy. Any career aspirations or creative pursuits are only additions to her primary role of a wife and mother. 

2. Social Pressure

Single Ukrainian beauties are being constantly pressured by relatives and everyone else around. Their social status and even social value are determined by the presence of a husband. Although sad, this situation is all too common. This makes post-Soviet ladies very different from the independent Western singles and explains their determination to get married.

In the former USSR, a woman is regarded as inferior unless:

  • she is a wife by the age of 22, and
  • she has given birth to her first child by the age of 25.

Any single lady over 30 is traditionally labeled a spinster, regardless of her career and overall quality of life. Social norms are relentless. A girl has to find a husband, get married, have a child and take care of the household well. Being a loving wife and mother is considered their true nature and mission, and the stereotypes are not broken easily.

3. Demography

Simply put, from the age of 30, there are more females than males in Ukraine, and the proportion of around 85/100 is not getting better. It is therefore obvious that many local women have no choice at all. 

Mortality and life expectancy of males are another essential factor rendering them unattractive as potential spouses. Alcohol abuse is behind a large proportion of early deaths, and on average, local men do not live past their early sixties. This is simply incomparable with Europeans or Americans.

Naturally, the difficulties of living in Ukraine, with economic and political instability, cause some attractive singles to use their good looks for shameful manipulation. However, ladies exploiting men to get an official permit for residence in a foreign country are only a minority. Many Ukrainian girls seek a reliable husband, a person they will trust and truly care for.

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