How to Choose a Decent Foreign Groom?

Ukrainian girls have become more open-minded. They actively use social networks, travel, and learn languages. They understand foreigners better than 5-10 years ago and look at the world much wider. These factors make them more attractive in the eyes of foreigners. However, finding a decent groom is not an easy task. These simple recommendations will be suitable for women seeking men abroad.


Europeans and Americans previously dominated in the lists of wedding agencies, but now wealthy Chinese, Japanese, and Turks took the leading positions among the Ukrainian girls.

For many of them, especially for the Chinese, this is not only an opportunity to marry an exotic European wife but also a natural necessity. Due to the genocide when the pregnancies were massively aborted if the gender of the child was female, in some countries, it led to the unnatural excess of the male population. Now, they all need brides.

Previously, the foreigners directly indicated that they wanted to get a young bride without children, but now there are practically no such requirements. Grooms appreciate in Ukrainians the commitment to family values, good-looking, attentiveness, and other qualities that their compatriots do not have.

Consider the Risks

The long adaptation to the culture and traditions of a new country is far from the worst thing a Ukrainian wife of a foreign husband may face. Chasing their dream abroad, girls can risk much more – sometimes even their health and life. Among the most complicated problems are domestic violence and sexual exploitation. Mostly, Muslim countries are at risk, but no one is secured from such cases anywhere else.

Not to become a victim, lawyers recommend potential brides to take this issue seriously. At least, consider these five simple points before making a final decision:

1)     Collect more information about your future husband

You should know if he has a permanent job if he has been married, and whether he is officially divorced.

2)     Learn in details the marriage law of the country you plan to live in

Pay special attention to the rights of common children and your rights in case of a divorce. This can be done at the embassy with the help of a lawyer.

3)     Conclude a marriage contract

Make sure that a marriage registered in Ukraine will be valid abroad. If necessary, a marriage certificate can be legalized (approved by a notary, the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

4) Decide on the visa type

When traveling abroad with a guest or a bride’s visa, remember that these visas do not give the right to work.

5) Stay in touch

Leave a copy of your passport and the exact address of your fiancé to your parents and call home regularly.

Almost every girl dreams of a prince who will take her to a distant, beautiful country. However, on the way to their dream, girls often forget about precautions. Before you go to distant lands, you need to take the pink glasses off. 

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